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Jan 25 2018

The Google Maccabees update – SEO news

Weeks ago, around mid-December, it was evident to a lot of webpage owners that the level of visitors on their site had massively declined. Ultimately, this was due to one of Google’s famous search algorithm updates. The update came to be known as ‘Maccabees’, coined by Barry Schwartz of Search ….

Dec 28 2017

Is your website mobile-friendly?

What’s worse than failing to identify an opportunity to increase your future and current customer satisfaction? Easy – annoying your customers by not providing them with a mobile-friendly website. Why bother having a mobile-friendly website? But how is that even possible? If you’re like most businesses, you take pride in ….

Dec 28 2017

Want local customers?
Try local Search Engine Optimisation

Okay, so you’ve set up a comprehensive strategy to search engine optimise (SEO) your website. You’ve invested time, money and valuable resources into ensuring that your businesses’ voice is heard over the cacophony of the online world. And in fact, before long you’re receiving email queries left right and centre! ….

Dec 28 2017

6 Reasons why your small business needs a website

Small business owners often wonder how a website impacts their business. Some think it takes too much time or isn’t worth the investment. However, the digital age has changed the face of marketing. Today’s consumers prefer looking for information online where everything is easily accessible. A business owner may ask, ….

Dec 12 2017

Tips on recovering from the Google Penguin 4.0 update

Several months ago we posted about the Google Penguin 4.0 algorithm update. We briefly discussed the gist of the update and talked about the kind of sites that were affected. The update typically targeted sites who implemented black hat SEO tactics like the use of doorway pages, manipulative and spam-related ….

Dec 03 2017

How to recover from the Google Possum update

A few months ago we spoke about the Google Possum update and discussed basically what it involved. While there wasn’t a lot of data on the update at the time, it was evident what kind of sites it affected and what sort of characteristics Google would penalise for in terms ….

Oct 27 2017

The Google Penguin 4.0 update – SEO news

On September 23, Google introduced Penguin 4.0, another one of its core algorithm updates and an upgrade to the previous Penguin updates. Basically, the Penguin update was launched by Google back in 2012, and its purpose was to prevent sites containing a lot of link spamming from ranking well. The ….

Oct 05 2017

The Google Possum update – SEO news

Several weeks ago on September 1, what quickly became known as the Google Possum update was launched by the company. Those with stakes in SEO are always on the prowl for updates to Google’s search algorithms, and this is being viewed as Google’s biggest update since Pigeon in 2014. Whilst ….

Jul 15 2017

Recovering from the Google Fred update

The Google Fred update occurred back in March and if you’re in the loop with SEO news, you’re likely aware of what happened. We spoke about it just after it occurred and discussed the crux of it all. Basically, the Fred update targeted sites who used excessive ads and contained ….

Apr 03 2017

The Google Fred update – SEO news

As you’re probably aware by now, Google runs regular updates to its algorithms that relate to search engine results. Making the user experience better by providing more relevant content, these updates are absolutely necessary. The latest algorithm renovation came to be known as the Fred update. Fred was launched by ….

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