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Do you want to boost your brand online whilst keeping costs at a minimum? Our self-managed SEO plans are designed to offer you a guided, DIY approach that allows you to carry out your strategies under the watchful eye of a specialist.

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Plan and manage your own SEO

Budget can sometimes be a constraint to having a well-optimised website. However, improving your site’s SEO is crucial and can’t simply be overlooked. With our self-managed SEO plans, you can have more control over your SEO, so you won’t have to spend as much.

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Control your SEO strategies

Control your SEO strategies

Our self-managed SEO plans are designed to put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to have full control over your business’ digital marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to SEO, we can guide you through the process!

Get quality results for less

Get quality results for less

Lower cost doesn’t necessarily mean inferior quality and less value. Our self-managed SEO plans are designed to be both effective and affordable, so you can experience the same great results at a fraction of the cost.

You get what we promise

You get what we promise

We remain transparent in our dealings from day one. We set expectations andreach the goals we say we will. With the best strategies, let us work our way together to get your website on Google’s top results!

We cover the technical

We cover the technical

You don’t have to worry about the heavy technical tasks! You know your business best; therefore, you take care of the content and we take care of thetechnical backend duties.

Case Studies

Leading Sydney Jewellers

Operating in a high-end boutique located in the heart of Sydney, we have been working with this leading Sydney jeweller for almost six years.

The client came to us initially to rebuild their website. After only 2 months, they noticed that their website was doing much better at converting sales than the previous version. This prompted them to commence an SEO campaign with us. FX Web Studio was able to get their site ranking on page one in only 9 months.

Today, they rank in the top 3 positions of page one for some of the most competitive keywords in their industry. Currently ranking for almost 400 keywords.

FX Web Studio have since rebuilt their website three times and are in the process of the fourth rebuild (they like to keep things fresh), we pride ourselves on having created an effective sales tool for our client and a positive website experience for their customers. Their clients often comment at how easy and simple the website is to use. We have, carefully crafted every aspect of the website with a heavy focus on structure, performance, usability across all devices and user search intent in mind.

From on-page and off-page SEO, to web performance optimisation, local search optimisation, link building and rich media content creation – our strategy has taken their enquiries from an average of 20 per month to a minimum of 200 per month (unfortunately we only have data as far back as 2016 when we moved to a new analytics platform).

In our time working with this client, we have helped them with SEO, Web Development, Social Media Marketing and Google My Business (Maps).

Jan 2016

Jan 2019

This strategy has allowed the client to rank for very competitive keyword phrases such as:

  • engagement rings Sydney
  • diamond rings Sydney
  • custom engagement rings Sydney

These keywords have a high competition rate and large monthly search volumes. Our client’s website has gained thousands of impressions on Google SERPS with decent click-through rates through these search phrases and low bounce rates. According to SEM Rush, it is the second most visible domain of all it’s competitors.

Following the success of the above client, we had a second jeweller approach us. This jeweller is also a well-known leading jeweller with three boutiques located in Westfield shopping centres across Sydney.

Over three fruitful years of working with this recent client, FX Web Studio has been able to achieve great things to enhance the client’s online presence. We first transformed their dated website into one that’s visually appealing, easy to use and search engine-optimised and are in the process of revamping it again.

Our team has focused on a holistic approach, focusing on on-page, off-page rich media assets content. This includes a range of video content, articles, infographics and much more. Our strategy includes optimising the content so that it is meaningful and caters for the user’s intent when they land on the site. Each page is carefully designed to ensure it is relevant to the search term the user has searched. We’ve worked on reducing bounce rates and cleaning up the mess from their previous SEO company (poor quality and dodgy backlinks). The number of monthly enquiries for this client has increased significantly—from 5 enquires a month to almost 50 per month. It’s still early days.

This client has been ranking well for several high-volume keyword phrases. Not only have we achieved great results with the first jeweller, but to our merit, we have done this again with this client with many of the same competitive keywords including:

  • engagement rings Sydney
  • diamond rings Sydney
  • custom engagement rings Sydney

July 2017

July 2019

Sydney Lawn and Turf & Buffalo Turf Supplies

Sydney Lawn & Turf are one of Sydney’s most successful turf businesses. With two farms located in the Hawkesbury, they supply and install a range of turf varieties for both domestic and commercial customers. FX Web Studio and Sydney Lawn and Turf have had a long and fruitful relationship which started over ten years ago.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve rebuilt numerous websites for them upgrading both sites’ at least twice each. We have focused on optimising the website through on-page and off-page SEO and website performance. We helped take their business to the next level, selling turf online which has resulted in an increase in both website traffic and sales.

Our team has worked hard to boost our client’s visibility on Google SERPs, Google AdWords and Google Maps. Both websites have ranked well for several competitive keyword phrases over the years such as:

  • Turf Supplies Sydney
  • Buy turf online
  • Turf supplier

Eureka Awnings

Eureka Awnings is a Sydney based manufacturing business that specialises in outdoor awnings for both residential and commercial clients. We have been working with this client for over 2 years.

The client wanted a functional, visually-appealing and optimised website that would showcase their products and attract more customers to contact their business. FX Web Studio built a brand-new website and are currently managing their SEO campaign to boost their visibility on Google and other search engines.


Eureka Awnings’ former website next to its current visually-appealing and SEO-optimised redesign.

With the help of effective on-page and off-page strategies, the client is on page one of Google SERPS and still continuing to grow. We’ve also helped Eureka with a Google Adwords campaign. They ranked for high-volume keyword phrases such as the ones below:

  • awnings Sydney
  • retractable awnings Sydney
  • outdoor awning Sydney



Fusion Fireworks

Once a year, we work with Fusion Fireworks to build up hype for their “one-day-only” sales of fireworks. NT rules are more relaxed than other states. It has been a challenge because Facebook will not allow us to boost or create any ads promoting the sales of “explosives”. All traffic generated from their social media campaign is organic and has grown over the 2 years we have been working with the team.

2-3 months in advance, we create the feeds and manage the promotions. This includes content creation and captions. We also manage comments and messages for the last month before Territory Day.





Sydney Lawn & Turf



Additional to their SEO and website optimisation, we also manage Sydney Lawn and Turf’s social media accounts. From creating and curating their content, we have handled both their Instagram and Facebook accounts for now over three years.

Whilst taking care of their social media, we have also managed PPC ads for the client by producing Facebook pixels as a remarketing tactic for those who have already interacted with the website.



Via Condotti

A high-end boutique specialising in Italian designer shoes, we have been handling Via Condotti’s Instagram and Facebook accounts since early 2016. From highlights to weekly posts, we have helped lead Via Condotti to success through their social media account. By curating their feed and designing their posts and content, this client is a prime example of what we can do for one’s social media.

Just like all businesses in the fashion industry, we tailor their posts around the seasons and trends. From Winter to Summer, we create their posts to suit the current season and what their target audience want to see. This also includes organising collaborations, communicating with influencers and staying in the know through research, in store visits and industry knowledge.


Why Search Engine Optimisation?

What is It

What is It

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of developing your website to increase the visibility of it in search engine results.

Why You Need It

Why You Need It

You need SEO in order to reach and generate the leads your business needs. It will get you ranking and visiblility.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

With our expertise in websites and SEO, we can help you gain the conversions your business needs.

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Let's Have a Chat

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