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SERPS: Pay for Ads or pay for SEO

SERPS: Pay for Ads or pay for SEO

Dec 11 2020

Have you ever wondered why businesses bother paying for their website to be the first thing you see on Google’s search results page? 

To bring the criticality of ranking high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) into perspective have a look at this shocking stat. The top 3 paid ads on any given SERP gets more than 45% of the clicks on the entire page. 

If you want to find out more about how ranking works and why it is crucial for all businesses, read our blog The importance of position.

Depending on the popularity of the keyword, most SERPs have 3-4 google ads running at any given moment, automatically bumping your SEO ranking down 3-4 spots. This creates a phantom wall on the SERPs, preventing your website from reaching anywhere near position 1. 

Google Ads and SEO can both effectively grow your business if you use them collaboratively. However, while making the most out of Google’s ads services alone, using SEO tactics to rank organically can dramatically improve your chances of seeing an attractive ROI.

Read more below on the advantages and disadvantages of paid ads and SEO services.

An introduction to search engine marketing for ranking on SERPs

The search engine result pages are some of the most ruthless digital marketing battlegrounds known in the trade. The moment you enter in a search, every website containing a keyword that is relevant to the search query begins its gladiator-style battle to be in the top few positions to claim your click as their victory.

This process looks a little different when comparing Google ads and SEO (search engine optimisation). 

Google ads use a bidding system where the website with the highest authority and willingness to pay more money, trump other websites in ad position. 

These marketing campaigns in Sydney typically cost anywhere between $5 000-$15 000 a month. Google ads is an expensive marketing strategy but also yields an impressive conversion rate.

SEO services in Sydney on the other hand, at $500-$5 000 a month (depending on your package) is cheaper in comparison. SEO Services use special skills and software to optimise your website to be “noticed” by Google’s algorithm to be ranked higher on search engine results as a “trustworthy site”. 

Google ads is a bid-war and SEO is a flaunting showdown. To learn more about SERPs and how they work read our blog Understanding SERPs. Keep reading to learn how Google ads and SEO affect your business.

Things to consider when investing in search engine marketing

SEM or search engine marketing is the conjoint effort of Google ads and SEO services to cultivate the perfect ultimate online marketing campaign for your website. 

Some companies understand the benefits of budgeting for both forms of marketing, whereas other companies maybe can’t afford a marketing budget the size of Jupiter. 

In this case, a decision needs to be made. While there are several configurations and countless routes to go down when considering investing in online marketing, some actions can act symbiotically and others counterproductively.

At initial inspection, google ads may seem to be the way to go for businesses who want to build fast awareness of their brand but what many don’t realise is that on top of being expensive, ads have a bad rep. 

Many searchers on Google scroll right past 4-6 ads on the SERP and head straight to the organic results section. Google ads can be great for short and fast marketing campaigns but will work out to be a considerable expenditure in the long run. Spending thousands of dollars a month to obtain a few clicks with no CTR guarantee is a gamble.

With over 200 ranking factors, Google’s algorithm is continuously changing, making consistent SEO services a business necessity today. 

SEO is a better option in the long run. Utilising SEO services is a long-term commitment, with an advantageous outcome over time. 

It is important to note that cheap SEO tactics will harm your websites’ rapport with Google, sometimes irreversibly, which is why it is advised to invest in a reputable web design and SEO service for your company.

At FX Web Studio, we provide professional web design and SEO services for businesses all over Sydney. We are you, local digital marketing specialists, with the ability to assess and chat through your needs with no obligations before our conversation. 

To learn more how we can grow your business call FX Web Studio today on 1300 090 401.

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