Search engine optimisation (SEO) can push your business ahead of the competition. Having a good website is not enough. Google needs to rank you above competitors so that more customers can find you first. Here are a few reasons why SEO should be your next investment.

SEO works

If you select a good SEO company, you can rest assured knowing they remain up to date with the latest Google algorithm changes. If your SEO provider understands how these changes will impact your search engine rankings, they can update their SEO strategy to prevent your position from being impacted greatly. When SEO is done well, it can deliver non-stop organic traffic to your website that would be much more expensive if gained through paid search campaigns or pay-per-click advertisements. Regardless of Google algorithm changes, SEO will remain an effective method of climbing the organic search results.

The competition is using it

The popularity of SEO has made it a lot more difficult to rank well without the help of an experienced company. If you don’t take advantage of SEO, you’re limiting the reach of your business as it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve a page one Google ranking in a competitive market. By ignoring the value of SEO as an effective online marketing strategy, you are letting your competitors overtake your business. Take advantage of SEO to expand your customer base and remain competitive in the online market.

Local searches

When a customer is in a new area or looking to try a different place, they are likely to conduct a Google search to find somewhere suitable. Your business could be one of the first things they find through Google’s local search results. Google prioritises local search results meaning that businesses from your area will be shown above the organic search rankings. This would work to your advantage as it would greatly improve your online visibility. Local search results are likely to appear after a specific search meaning that these searchers are genuinely interested in the service you provide and are more likely to buy your products or services. Through SEO, you can gain credibility by climbing the local search results and capture more mobile customers looking for a business near them.

At FX Web Studio, we specialise in bringing small businesses onto page one of Google through our proven SEO strategies. Our packages are cost-effective and within the price range of small businesses. Let us help you improve your online visibility and get you more sales opportunities. If you would like an obligation-free meeting with one of our marketing specialists, call us on 1300 090 401.


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