Your website is critical to the growth of your business in this digital age. It is essential that your website remains up-to-date so that it will consistently engage the attention of consumers and be perceived as relevant by search engines. Leaving your website for months at a time can negatively affect your Google rankings, especially if your competitors update their content. If your site lacks relevance, it lacks authority, and this can have a considerable impact on any progress you have made in your Google rankings. To avoid being left behind, revamping your website at least once a year is crucial.

Many of your customers will be looking for convenience, conducting Google searches on-the-go is not uncommon, so ensuring that your website is compatible across a range of devices is vital. Google now recognises compatibility as a determinant of rank following the introduction of the Mobile-first Index. This means that making your website more accessible for multiple devices will not only maximise reach but also increase your ranking. However, if your website was updated for device compatibility as recently as a year ago there are likely to be new ways to improve user experience that weren’t applicable at the time of your last update.

Google regularly updates its algorithm to help users find exactly what they want within the first few sets of results. Frequent algorithm changes can influence your ranking if you fail to update your content in response to what Google is looking for. If your website contains any irrelevant or out of date content Google will devalue your website, however, through regular posting and consistent review of website content you can keep both customers and search engines happy.

Website security has always been essential for websites facilitating e-commerce but there is now a growing expectation that all websites should be secure regardless of their purpose. Ensuring that your website security is updated yearly will avoid any vulnerabilities so that your information and content is better protected. If your website isn’t recognised by Google as secure it will influence a searcher’s perception of your business and affect your search engine ranking.

Transforming your website each year has a great deal of benefits that will help drive more traffic to your website. Regular updates show that your business is professional and competitive within the market, qualities recognised by both consumers and search engines. Don’t settle for an outdated website, get up to speed today.

To upgrade your website or to find out more about search engine optimisation, call the friendly team at FX Web Studio on 1300 090 401.

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