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Why cheap SEO won’t work in Sydney

Why cheap SEO won’t work in Sydney

Jun 03 2020

When it comes to SEO, you pay for what you get. This means if you go for a cheap SEO package, you shouldn’t expect a fantastic service that achieves out of this world results. Being in Sydney, this is especially true as it is such a highly competitive city with a large market.

To obtain the results you desire from SEO, you will need to settle for a realistic but affordable service. Opting for cheap SEO in Sydney will do you no good – and unfortunately, many services fall under this category.

Not sure how to identify the difference between cheap and affordable? We break down cheap SEO below, so you know what to look out for.

What’s cheap SEO?

Cheap SEO is precisely that – SEO packages that are offered at cheap prices. Generally, these are prices that are unbelievably low, enticing you as they are much less expensive than their competitors. However, the price isn’t the only cheap element – the service also lives up to the name.

Companies who offer cheap SEO are all about the money. They don’t give you anything more than what you pay, meaning you get the bare minimum each month.

Worst of all, the company offering this knows their prices are irresistibly low. They want to get as many people as possible to fall trap to their service! The more clients they get, the more the numbers add up financially.

What’s included in cheap SEO?

Cheap SEO may have a minimal price tag, but is it worth it if you aren’t getting any results? You might as well be flushing your money down the drain!

As mentioned above, cheap SEO in Sydney will have you getting little back for what you paid. The SEO company is more likely to be a money-hungry agency that can do more harm than any good. Here is what is generally expected from a cheap SEO service:

Low quality

A low price will mean there will be little value in their work. Generally, the agency will have minimal time for your website, meaning not much effort is put into it. This can also be reflected in their customer service, leaving you ignored with generic responses or lack of communication.

Their work will be extremely low quality. The most minor and simplest changes will be done—if anything at all—and you will be delivered poor service and results in the long run.

Basic service

As mentioned above, a cheap SEO service has no time to spare on your low-budget plan. This means they’ll feed you the same tactics that they do to all their clients. This is extremely concerning as nothing is tailored and your website will be treated as one of many.

At FX Web Studio, we know no client is the same! Every client will have individual requirements that others don’t. Understanding and delivering a tailored SEO plan is critical for the long-term success of your website! By going with a cheap SEO service, you will lack this attention and feel the consequences over time.

Black hat tactics

You certainly get what you pay for as cheap SEO companies aren’t paid to perform well. They are paid to get little results – whether it is legal or not. Cheap SEO agencies are known to rely on black hat techniques.

There is a reason credible companies avoid these. This is because it is ethically wrong and will have you penalised by Google if caught. These techniques are a big no-no but are unfortunately, a go-to for cheap SEO services.

What’s missing from cheap SEO?

When you pay for cheap SEO, there is a lot you aren’t getting. You’re missing out on quality work, top of the line knowledge and a company who actually takes care of you and your business.

There will also be a lack of quality techniques. A high-quality SEO company will utilise and implement a range of tactics to get your website to rank. You will only ever get the expected generic strategies that won’t get you far.

Here are some other things you will be missing out on when opting for cheap SEO:

  • Safe tactics that Google will love
  • Proven results that can be measured
  • Goals that are realistic and achievable
  • Tailored strategies made for you and you only

Most of all, you’ll be missing long-term results! You will likely never get to see a top page 1 ranking and will miss out on the possibility of more sales/customers.

Cheap SEO infographic

Is cheap SEO worth it?

In short: no! Cheap SEO is certainly not worth it – well, unless you like throwing money away.

Think of it this way – why spend money if you aren’t getting anything from it? You might as well pay a little bit extra to get ROI. Otherwise, spending little on a service that won’t give back is just a wasted investment!

Does cheap SEO work in Sydney?

Because it is such a highly populated and vast city, cheap SEO generally won’t get you far in a city like Sydney. Highly competitive, Sydney businesses need to source quality SEO services. Otherwise, they will fall into the deep abyss of companies trying to make it in the big city.

While cheap SEO may work momentarily or for a short period, it will generally fall once it has settled and been taken into account by Google. This is something you don’t want, especially in Sydney.

Get a good return on investment

When it comes to SEO, you want a service that will return you results, and in hand, customers and sales. The point of SEO is to build your presence, increase your reach, drive your sales and overall engagement.

You expect a service that will be worth every dollar you pay for. This is exactly what you DON’T get with cheap SEO. Unlike cheap SEO, investing in quality and affordable SEO services will have you receiving a good return on investment.

A quality service such as affordable SEO will deliver you results. You will see where your money has been spent and used and will reap the benefits in return.

What is affordable SEO?

Affordable SEO has only one similarity to cheap SEO – it lives up to its name. Other than that, these two services are extremely different. Affordable SEO includes services that are realistically priced, but still offer quality and effective SEO.

These prices are reasonable even though they may be slightly more expensive than cheap SEO. But the most crucial factor of affordable SEO? You are getting your money’s worth without breaking the bank!

How to find an SEO offering?

When looking for an affordable SEO service, look for a quality website that tells you what their packages include. Enquiring and contacting the company also won’t hurt as it will help you see what kind of service you should expect.

Also, avoid terms such as ‘cheap’. Instead, you want to look for ‘affordable’ and ‘worth’. This way, you’ll find quality companies that aren’t going to take your money and leave you high and dry.

We offer affordable SEO services

Looking for an affordable SEO service that will give you bang for your buck? We can help you!

Here at FX Web Studio, we care about our clients and take pride in our work. We love watching our strategies take off, improving the rankings and websites of our clients. We look over every single one of our clients individually, delivering them a service that will work and is strictly unique to them.

We have a dedicated team backed with years of established experience, making us a proven SEO agency for businesses looking in the Sydney region.

Book an obligation-free session

Striving to provide transparency, we offer potential clients an obligation-free session. This way, you can enquire and see how we can help you without the expected commitment.

Get a taste of what we can do for your SEO and get to know us without any pressure! To book your obligation-free session, give us a call on 1300 090 401 or enquire with us today.

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