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What is SSL and why do you need it?

What is SSL and why do you need it?

May 02 2018

Your website must provide a safe and secure platform for your potential customers to engage with. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL encrypts data transmitted from your website so that you can protect the personal and financial information of your customers. By using SSL, you can ensure that your website establishes secure communication and prevents sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

How does SSL work?

All data communicated between browsers, servers or devices can be accessed by a third party if you don’t have the appropriate website security measures in place. By using SSL, an encryption protects the transmission of data from being intercepted and ensures that it is delivered without a hitch. The URL of a website is a simple way to check its security. Secure websites are given a HTTPS address (the ‘s’ stands for secure) and those that are not secured have a standard HTTP address. With SSL, your HTTPS address can show customers that your website will manage their information safely.

Is SSL related to SEO?

Despite SSL being a component of website security, it has also become essential to an effective SEO optimisation. To reduce instances of cybercrime, Google has announced a deadline in early July for SSL use, when Google Chrome will start labelling all non-HTTPS websites as ‘not secure’. Google claims that non-HTTPS websites will not be penalised by these new updates to the ranking algorithm, however, a ‘not secure’ label can increase your bounce rate which will have a negative impact on your ranking. By meeting the upcoming SSL deadlines for Google Chrome, you can make sure that your website protects your customer data and prevents your ranking from falling.

We want to help you secure your website in time for these big changes. At FX Web Studio we are offering complementary SSL services to all websites hosted with us. We are committed to helping your business provide a secure and trusted platform for your customers. To find out more about how the team at FX Web Studio can update your website security, give us a call on 1300 090 401.

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