Mobile-first indexing has been one of the most highly-anticipated Google updates for 2018. With the number of mobile searches in 2017 overtaking the traditional desktop search, it is no surprise that Google has decided to adapt their algorithm for this change.

What is it?

Mobile-first indexing means that Google will prioritise mobile websites over standard desktop websites when determining your ranking. The Google algorithm has been checking mobile websites for years, however, it was not until 2018 that the search engine giant recognised it as the dominant platform. Remember that mobile-first does not mean mobile-only as websites without mobile versions will still be indexed by Google.

How does it work?

Google crawls your website to work out how relevant and useful your content is for search engine users. Historically, desktop websites have been the primary platform for indexing, meaning that Googlebots would check the desktop website before looking at the mobile version. However, with the introduction of mobile-first indexing, the mobile website will be crawled before desktop. If you don’t have a mobile website, Google will still index the desktop version, but it is likely to have an adverse impact on your rankings.

Why is it important?

The efficiency and performance of your mobile website has become essential to an effective SEO strategy. Previously, the desktop versions of websites have been targeted for SEO in the Hills District because they were Google’s priority. This means that in many cases, more effort was devoted to a desktop website to ensure that it was optimised for indexing, leaving the mobile version light on content and quality. With Google making these changes, mobile websites must be just as comprehensive and responsive as the desktop version. Extra steps should be taken to ensure that all content, structural and dynamic elements are optimised for the mobile experience.

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