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Ways to reduce bounce rates

Ways to reduce bounce rates

Feb 06 2020

If you have a business or a website, there is a good chance you have heard the term ‘bounce rate’ before.

To some, this can be a daunting term, especially if their bounce rate isn’t looking too good, while others may not yet be familiar with it.

Whether you want to understand your bounce rate or are looking to improve it, our team at FX Web Studio has got your back! Professionals in all things digital marketing, our web design and SEO services are here to help you understand what your bounce rate is and how you can fix it.

What is a bounce rate?

The bounce rate, as stated in its name, is the percentage of people bouncing off your website. As in the number of people who exit your website.

A bounce happens once someone who visited your website leaves it without any other interaction. It is considered a bounce when someone either clicks the back button, closes the window/tab, types in a new URL or simply clicks on a different website link.

Your website’s bounce rate can be found in your Google Analytics under the overall report. If you have a high bounce rate, this means you are not convincing people to stay on your website. If it is a low bounce rate, then congratulations – your website must be doing its job!

To fully understand your bounce rate, the graphic below can help you properly catch on to its extent.

Bounce Rate Indicator

If you have 20% or less and are not seeing any leads, this may simply be a tracking error and may call for further investigation. Get in contact with us today if you are having this problem!

Why is the bounce rate important?

The bounce rate plays an extremely important part in your overall SEO. In fact, SEMrush ranks it as the fourth most important factor on SERPs.

Your bounce rate is extremely important as it indicates how many people are getting off of your website and in hand, lets Google know whether your website is what audiences want.

Depending on how high your bounce rate is will help contribute to dictating where in search results your website or pages belong.

How do I improve my bounce rate?

Is your bounce rate extremely high? Well, good news – there are ways to decrease it. All you need to do is to better your website!

For effective ways to keep visitors on your website, we suggest you improve on the factors below:


A big contributor to people leaving your website is the speed. If your website is suffering from a case of slow speed, many people will want out ASAP.

What would you do if you landed on a page that took a long time to load? You would think it is broken or having issues and go to a quicker alternative.

To boost your website, it is a good idea to move to a faster hosting provider. Optimising your website and adding better caching can also help it load a few seconds faster.

If you are concerned about your speed, we can provide you with fast and efficient web hosting. Furthermore, our SEO plans targets any slow loading issues, quickening your website.

Web design

Web design can be a massive contributor to your bounce rate. If you have a website that is poorly designed, you may have people concerned that your website is suspicious and unsafe. Furthermore, if it is outdated, you may also have people feeling unsure if the information is accurate.

And don’t forget your structure! If you don’t have your call to actions (CTAs) or important information strategically placed, you may be going against your own business! A visitor will want to easily find what they came to look for, especially on targeted pages.

If your CTAs are extremely hidden, you may just be helping scare away users!

To stop this from deterring people, it is highly recommended you invest in a new web design. A fresh web design will not only appeal to users but will also improve User Experience (UX) and let people know your site is current and safe. Although it can be costly, the benefits of getting more leads go a long way in the end!

Better content

Content is key! And not just content – quality content! By having content that is worthy of people’s time, you will decrease your bounce rate. Captivating content will intrigue people and get their attention, having a positive effect on that bounce rate of yours.

Good content can come in the form of copy, images or videos, amongst many other features.

However, just because you have added some photos doesn’t necessarily mean it is good content. It may not be relevant to the user or it just may simply be bad quality.

To improve your content, it is extremely important to know what your users want to see. From relevant infographic to valuable information, there are many possible ways to do this.

For example, if you’re a vegan make-up company, then you’ll very well want to highlight the best points of your business and include clear images of your top finished make-up looks and maybe even a video on how your products are vegan-friendly.

Oh – and don’t forget good quality images and videos! And by this we don’t just mean a decent video people will want to watch, but videos and images that are clear and well edited if needed. From the angle to the lightning, clear and precise images will make your website look clean and professional.

Now that you know what a bounce rate is and how you can maintain it, get cracking!

If you still can’t achieve the bounce rate you desire, give us a call! Offering our digital marketing and SEO services all across Sydney, we are the team you need to help improve your bounce rates.

Give us a call on 1300 090 401 or enquire online today to organise your meeting with our digital marketing specialist.

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