Several months ago we posted about the Google Penguin 4.0 algorithm update. We briefly discussed the gist of the update and talked about the kind of sites that were affected.

The update typically targeted sites who implemented black hat SEO tactics like the use of doorway pages, manipulative and spam-related links, automated content and hidden text or links. It was the last in the Penguin series of updates, and it means that every Penguin upgrade now occurs in real-time and is a core part of Google’s algorithm.

If you did happen to see a decline in your site’s ranking after the Penguin 4.0 update occurred, here are some tips and tricks to help you recover.

Avoid common risks like spammy backlinks

First and foremost you should make sure your site doesn’t contain any sketchy backlinks. Either remove or disavow these links to maximise your sites overall quality.

Work on the quality of your content

Google will recognise when information is important and accurately answers the reader’s query. You should present your content in a way that will gain attention and satisfy the needs of your audience, and always avoid overusing keywords because this reads unnaturally.


Thoroughly check the content on every page of your site and make sure you don’t repeat information and reuse keywords too often and so forth. Unnaturally overusing a keyword will result in a penalty so avoid this at all costs.

Replace your links

As you are getting rid of spammy links, always make sure you replace them, as Google will penalise your ranking for decreasing your overall link count. Make sure you implement high quality links from a variety of reputable sources.

These are the main measures you should take if you were negatively affected by the Penguin 4.0 update. We all know how important a solid Google ranking is and therefore the significance of strong SEO tactics, so it’s imperative you understand the big Google algorithm updates and what to do if things go south.

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