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Time for a website health check?

Time for a website health check?

Feb 19 2018

Are you seeing the results you hoped for from your website? This could be a symptom of low search engine rankings. And this if course has a lot to do with the overall ‘health’ of your website. A low ranking website will ultimately receive little traffic and subsequently the level of enquiries will drop.

Ideally, you should be getting your website checked regularly and ensure it is working at optimal performance. Analysing the health of a website is not just about evaluating the look of the site, but the way it works in terms of user experience and even the processes that work behind the scenes.

Here are some of the things you need to look at when conducting a website health check.

Search engine optimisation

If your site is not ranking well on Google, then it’s likely that your website is not meeting the requirements of that latest Google algorithm updates. These algorithms are constantly changing and to ensure that your website ranks well, you need to ensure that your website meets those best practices.


Your website should be easy to navigate with clear headings and the photos and information in the correct places. The design and scheme of the site should tie in with the usability of the site and help the user easily navigate. It’s also import to check that there are no broken images or links (especially to external sites).

Checked for speed

If your website takes too long to load and navigate then it will be deprioritised by Google. Often an overload of photos will make the site slower, as well as server issues and broken links. It’s imperative to test your websites speed as a slow website will definitely affect your enquiries. .

Does it require updates?

Sites created using platforms like WordPress, for example, need to be kept up-to-date with that latest WordPress and plugin  updates. These updates usually address any new bugs that have been discovered and any security vulnerabilities.

No matter how well your website is doing, its quite important it undergoes a health check. Google, WordPress and the entire web industry is constantly evolving To compete in this digital market, it’s important that your website is up-to-date and inline with the latest best practices.

Attractive design

It only takes a few seconds to create an impression. How does your website represent your business? Does it look and feel outdated and neglected? Or is it modern, clean and crisp? Make sure your website gives  the best first impression for your business.

Meaningful content

How does your website speak to potential customers? Does it offer easy-to-read and meaningful information?  Do visitors to your site find what they’re looking for? Review your website’s content and ensure it’s engaging, accurate and compels customers to buy from you.

User friendly

Nothing turns a customer away like a website that’s difficult to use. Your website should be easy for visitors to navigate, intuitive and  should work correctly on all devices – especially on mobile. Allow no reason for potential customers to go elsewhere!

Mobile friendly

With more than half of searches now performed on smart phones and tablets, your website must be optimised for mobile devices! It should fit nicely and be easy-to-use on the small screen. It should also make it quick and easy for mobile users to call or find you!

Properly secured

There is nothing worse than a hacked website and being blacklisted by Google. Most service providers boast their server’s security but often, the  website’s security is neglected. Ensure your content management system is up-to-date with the latest security plugins.

If you would like a free health check, please contact our team on 1300 090 401.

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