Effective search engine optimisation is always offered at a price. Many companies overcharge but the ones to be careful of are those that offer low quality services at a very low price. Cheap SEO services cause a lot more harm than good so be on the lookout for offers that seem to good to be true – they probably are! When you pay for SEO you’re paying for quality. An unusually low price is generally a pretty good indicator of the level of service you’re likely to receive.

Cheap SEO is generally outsourced to an overseas company that will pay its employees very little. English is likely to be their second language meaning that most of the people writing content for your business will have poor grammar and limited editing skills. Content riddled with spelling errors will reflect poorly on your brand and to prevent appearing unprofessional these mistakes need to be fixed quickly. Unfortunately, given differences in time zones and a tendency to avoid direct personal contact it will be very difficult to get bad content changed before its done damage to both your reputation and Google rank. Keyword stuffing and link spamming used to be effective ways of improving your search ranking, but they make content difficult to read and ultimately prevent searchers from finding the information they want. Cheap SEO websites are renowned for using these black hat techniques to get fast results, however, Google has changed its algorithm so that content with these features gets penalised and rank poorly.

As well as lacking quality, they lack interest. Their income is dependent on a high volume of business owners getting roped in by their low prices. They don’t need to keep your business for long because people will continue to believe their claims. Cheap SEO companies don’t take the time to learn about your product or research how to market it effectively. By using outdated strategies and inflexible campaigns they can put together a lot of content in a short amount of time, but it is not the kind that you want to be associated with. They’re not interested in keeping up with industry standards because they’re prices are the only selling point they need.

If you want SEO that will not only help your business grow but maintain your brand reputation online be careful to avoid options that really are too good to be true. Remember that there are affordable SEO services out there, you just need to know what to look for.

At FX Web Studio, we pride ourselves in delivering results through proven techniques and adhere to standards set by search engines such as Google. Our SEO packages are cost-effective and within reach for most small businesses. If you would like an obligation-free talk with one of our marketing specialists, call us on 1300 090 401.

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