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Organising your 2020 digital marketing

Organising your 2020 digital marketing

Dec 11 2019

December has already rolled around, meaning 2020 is only a matter of days away!

Is your business prepared for the new year? Whether you have new goals you want to achieve in 2020 or just knowing what is coming up in the year, there are a lot of aspects you need to organise before your business can be in full swing!

From planning your social media to organising your clients during the break, we help list some of the most important items you need to jump on before the new year!

Social media calendar

Today, social media is one of the biggest contributions in one’s online presence. From private profiles to business pages, social media is the ultimate method for connecting with your friends and audience. But just being online doesn’t mean you’ve ticked the box completely.

With being online comes with building an engaging and credible relationship with your viewers. From being frequently active to discussing relevant events/topics, there are many ways to stay active online.

The perfect way to maintain your online profile is by content management. By planning and organising your content calendar, you will be able to stay on top of your schedule and create quality content that is meaningful.

A handy tip when preparing your upcoming content is to utilise a social media calendar. To make your job easier, find our free social media calendar here. Highlighting important dates that might affect your business, the social calendar lists relevant and common holidays/dates in 2020 that you may want to post about.


Crucial to any business and the main reason your company is even running, clients are a huge factor you need to consider when transitioning into the new year. Whether you have new clients coming on board or just maintaining existing clients over the new year, there a few things you should plan for.

Businesses commonly close over the new year, so a clear communication with your customers and clients keeping them aware of your availability is key. Whether you send an email or post it on your social media and website, letting them know when you’re shut and how to contact you in the case of emergency is critical. Also listing the days you are closed and any unusual business hours is also helpful.

Furthermore, if you have new clients on board, you should make it clear when you will begin your contract and when actions will partake. Whether you need the contract signed, ready to get into it when you return or just want to have their business plan sorted, there are many things you should have ready to go.

You should also prepare yourself for when you return the following year. As many people come back mid-way through January, you might be behind schedule. So getting on top of important things in December is recommended to ensure a smooth recovery and happy cliental.

Business goals

A great way to kick-start the new year is to have established business goals. Whether you want to do a monthly e-newsletter or improve your SEO, coming up with business goals is a great way to motivate your team and give direction.

It is also a great opportunity to find a way to fulfil those goals. Coming up with your goals before 2020 hits will ensure you can jump straight into it when the time comes around. If it is digital marketing you were wanting to conquer, then you’ll want a quality and professional digital marketing team on your side.

At FX Web Studio, we’ve helped many of our clients climb the rankings in page results for keywords they target. From helping new businesses to saving struggling companies, our digital marketing services have helped find success for many businesses.

Are you ready for 2020? With only a month left, now is the perfect time to get organised before the new year arrives. If you needed help with your digital marketing, make 2020 your year by contacting us today! From search engine optimisation to social media, our team can provide a solution for you. Give us a call on 1300 090 401 to start planning your new year!


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