Having a strong online presence these days is critical to a thriving business. To do so, you need to ensure you have a quality, well developed website that encompasses the smartest search engine optimisation (SEO) practices as well as effective marketing techniques. A high ranking on Google is likely the best way to reach new customers nowadays, so it’s imperative to employ the tactics that will lead to this high ranking. In this article, we will discuss how to optimise your website for search engines on the cheap.

Cheap website solutions simply won’t cut it anymore. In such competitive markets, a cheaply developed website will rank poorly on Google and essentially will prove to be a waste of money. So, when looking for a website, value for money is what to keep in mind. A well-constructed website will therefore rank much better. There are some strategies you can use however to optimise your website for search engines, and some of these can be done on the cheap.

High quality, thorough content

Several years ago, search engines shifted from rewarding an abundance of keywords to rewarding the sites with the most quality, user-relevant content. A high word count is one of the best ways to achieve a good ranking. It can be quite cheap to come up with a lot of content, but you must ensure that it is meaningful and provides value to its reader.

Functionality and responsiveness

Focusing on the user-experience is probably the most important aspect of building a good business online. Ensuring your site looks neat and safe and is easy to navigate will allow the searcher to have a good experience. Responsive sites are those that work effectively on both desktops and mobiles. Now more than ever, with the hugely growing trend in mobile device usage, responsive sites are a must. In 2015, Google updated its search algorithms to place more emphasis on mobile compatible sites, so responsiveness is a must.

Some easy basics

Getting your meta tags and descriptions right are important and obviously inexpensive. These simple aspects of your website right will give the site easy ranking points. While keywords are no longer the primary focus when it comes to SEO, they still hold importance. Always ensure you’re using keywords and links to Google’s standards. That is, don’t include them excessively or in a way that appears unnatural. Choosing the right keywords is key also, so understanding the sort of things your market will be searching is very important. Again, all these SEO strategies are very basic and inexpensive, so they’re a must.

At FX Web Studio, we excel in all things SEO. We use WordPress to create our websites and on these sites we produce the most relatable, high-quality content. We recognise the importance of responsiveness and site speed, so we largely focus on these areas. If you’d like to optimise your website economically but are not sure where to start, give us a call on 1300 090 401 for an obligation-free chat.

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