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Online training

Online training

Apr 06 2020

Within the last few weeks, the world has travelled into uncharted waters, dragging society into an unprecedented way of living. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen new measures introduced across the globe, bringing a unique lifestyle upon all concerned.

Now our new norm, practices such as social distancing have challenged businesses into adapting and experiencing circumstances that haven’t occurred since the early 1900s. While these new restrictions may have kicked in, it is essential to know that they are not impossible to work around! In fact, this might even help develop your business for the best!

During these different times, it is now more critical than ever that businesses adapt. Working from home is a new opportunity for business owners to flourish and evolve in our rapidly changing environment.

Our online training program is an essential tool that allows your business to not only conform, but also adapt to these new circumstances. We are here to assist your company in developing from this day onwards.

Why now is the best time to learn new digital marketing skills

With many people unable to attend work, people have been forced to merge their working environment into their home. While working from home may seem unfamiliar, it is urgent for your health and safety, ensuring you keep a safe distance from others.

During this time, you may also find that business can be quiet. Rather than thinking of this as a negative thing, it is encouraged you take advantage of this rare downtime by improving business practices. Our online training allows you to do just that. It is the ultimate method of learning and developing your skills.

By being taught in the safety and comfort of your own home, you will remain safe while being educated. With years of experience in online training, you will be effortlessly taught by our digital marketing expert, making no difference to what you would experience being in the same room!

With a range of training sessions on offer, you can learn a variety of skills while you have the time. Whether you want to master your social media presence or develop your ability to use and edit your website, we can help you accomplish your goal.

And the most exciting thing is you will be prepared and better than ever once business is back to normal! Plus, you have the opportunity to broaden your skills and knowledge! With the online world expected to take over, even past this pandemic, this is the best time to evolve your business to suit modern technology and get ahead.

The importance of online training during the pandemic

As mentioned earlier, we must keep our distance from others. This means it is highly advised we do as encouraged by health organisations and keep our distance, staying inside.

But as they say, the show must go on! With everyone in lockdown, advanced technology will allow many businesses to continue trading from online. With employers usually relying on more traditional methods of business, such as operating in-store, the online world can be daunting.

Luckily, our online training can help navigate you through the unknown, teaching you the ways of your website and other digital marketing skills. Amongst several tools, we also use programs to assist us with virtual demonstrations, allowing you to be trained up professionally while following health precautions.

By being strictly online, we are conforming to one of the only ways businesses can operate during this time. But most importantly, we are also preparing you for the virtual future that will slowly stray away from traditional stores, bringing further emphasis to the online world.

What type of online training can I do?

From your website to social media, there is plenty to learn! Sick of relying on others to make even the smallest of changes on your website? Or do you want to learn how you can improve your client communication? Our training sessions would be worthwhile for you and your business!

Our range of online training sessions include:

  • Email marketing
  • WordPress
  • Social media planning
  • Social media content creation
  • Photoshop
  • Animation

If you have found the right training session for you, don’t delay – improve your skills while you still have time! Before you know it, your business will be back in full swing, so be prepared.

For more information on our online training or our general SEO services offered in not just Sydney, but Australia-wide, give us a call on 1300 090 401.

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