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Looking for a cheap website?

Looking for a cheap website?

Nov 11 2016

If you’ve clicked on this article, then you’re probably looking for a cheap website. With lots of small businesses working within a budget, opting for a cheap website can be tempting. However, will this allow you to achieve the results you’re looking for? Probably not. It’s very important to realise that there are cost-effective solutions out there.

Creating a successful project cannot be done cheaply, it’s as simple as that. While a quality website does require some investment initially, it will allow your business to gain a reputable online presence in the long run.

A lot of web designers and developers are quite expensive and ambiguous in their processes, so it can be difficult knowing where to look and what sort of company to choose.

On the polar-opposite however, some designers create sites for a very cheap price. These sites – while they may seem like the right investment to make – will prove very unsuccessful in the long-term due to not ranking well on Google and providing a poor user-experience.

To put it simply, spending little to no money on a website will make it very difficult for you to bring in business. SEO is likely the key factor when it comes to bringing in new clients, and a cheap site will no doubt have poor SEO tactics.

Finding an affordable web designer is what you should be looking out for. Doing some research into different designers and getting several quotes will allow you to see what the ball park is like. If various designers offer all the same services and their prices are similar, then you should investigate their portfolios. If they’ve delivered for other clients, then they’ll no doubt deliver for you, especially if their client base largely consists of businesses in a similar industry to yours.

We produce sites that stand out from the rest, every project we develop is functional, easy to navigate and is visually appealing. With a wide-ranging portfolio consisting of trades, professionals, suppliers and more, we know what markets to target in each industry.

We at FX Web Studio strongly believe in transparency, ensuring our clients are aware of all our processes. With us, you will get the absolute best value for money when it comes to web design and development and internet marketing. Get in touch today at 1300 090 401 – let’s grow your brand with a superior website!

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