It’s important to take advantage of any tools Google offers to improve your ranking and get ahead in an online market. Google Reviews are quickly becoming a powerful way to prove to potential customers that your business is the best choice. Through online review management you can gain more control over the image you’re presenting to Google users and ultimately strengthen your customer acquisition strategy.

Google reviews are displayed across all Google platforms offering another means of reaching greater numbers of search engine users. The reviews that are prioritised on Google search may be the first thing a customer learns about your business and could be the difference between someone choosing you or the competition. Searchers look for social proof when using Google to justify a purchasing decision. A high volume of positive reviews or descriptions of friendly experiences provide the social proof needed to reinforce consumer perception. Your Google review numbers and average rating are also used to determine your local search rank. Climbing the ranks of your local Google search results are an excellent way to attract the attention of anybody in your area that may not know about your business. Utilising the value of Google reviews in addition to an efficient SEO strategy is a powerful pairing for any website.

Just having the reviews isn’t enough, responding to your customers helps push engagement and builds a consistent flow of fresh content to endorse your brand. Responding to Google reviews shows that you’re willing to close the feedback loop and use any praise or criticism to improve customer experiences in the future. All review responses should be written using wording that potential customers use in their searches. Strategic use of keywords and phrases can help improve your local search rankings and bring you ahead of the competition in your area. Higher numbers of reviews are reassuring so approaching customers about making reviews either in person or in a follow up email is a great way to show that your business is a popular and reliable choice.

Managing your Google reviews is a small change that can make a big difference. Set up a My Business profile so you can start your online review management today.

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