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How to optimise a blog

How to optimise a blog

Jan 11 2021

Business blogging is substantially effective in web design and SEO services because it is one of the greatest tools used to build brand awareness.

Whether you’re looking to grab the attention of a search engine or pique the interest of a potential customer, business blogging is the most significant way to provide a person or search engine with what they need to grow your business.

One of the leading benefits business blogging has to offer is the impact it has on your SEO rankings. According to studies, you have 50 milliseconds to make an impression on someone visiting your website.

Optimising a blog visually and articulately will ensure you make the most of those few milliseconds, to impress potential customers and ensure good rapport to keep them engaged on your website.

How to curate blog posts favoured by Googles SEO services

Publishing blogs with little to no optimisation for SEO are likely to be nearly invisible on the web. Blogs loaded with right keyword displacement, thorough research, multimedia and relevant links and content will be highlighted and favoured by search engines. 

Taking these elements into account will help in placing your business a click away from prospective customers.

An attractive blog is a concoction of SEO specific optimised elements, and comprehensive research is the first of them.

Ensuring the reliability of the sources of your facts and statistics will show search engines that you are a trustworthy website. Irrelevant or incorrect information will hurt your brand and SEO rankings, which is why it is also critical to write content that is relevant to your target audience.

HubSpot recommends their Topic Clusters methodology to brainstorm and implement topics for your content. This model works by grouping all similar topics with specific keywords and phrases together and placed under a single pillar page. 

HubSpot puts it like this: “The key is to start thinking in terms of TOPICS you want to own, not just KEYWORDS. This allows you to own a “Sphere of Influence” on the internet.”

Some businesses might try and guess what topics interest their audience, which is essentially a shot in the dark. Proper identification and application of appropriate and relevant keywords solve this problem for many businesses online. 

Writing copy and blogs with keywords integrated well within the text, acquired by specific keyword research and analysis, will ensure that you get the engagement you are seeking.

The key is to integrate relevant keywords everywhere within your content on your webpage, but not overdoing it as to spam or stuff as many phrases into your content as possible. 

This keyword overuse is also known as “Keyword Stuffing” and is considered a black hat SEO tactic which hurts your rankings rather than helps them.

Search engines prioritise the surety that visitors on your webpage will have their search intent answered. Therefore, displaying your keywords in your titles, headings, content, and even URLs, meta tags and meta descriptions will inform visitors what your website is about before they click on it.

Google searchers will frequently land on your webpages from Google Image searches, which is why it is essential to include alt text to your images. 

Search engines can’t interpret visual information as people can with their eyes. Therefore, the only way for a search engine to effectively read your pictures is when you provide a short, specific and descriptive alt text.

Images also help to explain the topics of your blogs and ensure relevancy to your audience. content that is relevant and valuable over long periods is referred to as “evergreen content” which helps ranking over time, not just the near future. Having evergreen content contributes to steady internet traffic on your website long after publication.

To be favoured by SEO, the validity of your website needs to be heavily considered. Internal linking to other content published and curated by your website shows search engines the reliability of your content and sends new readers to your blog to check out your older content.

Building digital rapport with other web design and SEO services using your blogs

Backlinking sources and other blogs and websites where possible is not only good blogging etiquette but increases your brand awareness and even improves the chances of you getting linked back. Good quality links and references boost credibility and are a valued prospect for search engines.

Offering a “subscribe” button, where readers will be notified when new content is published, will drastically increase the growth and return rate of your audience. 

Inter-linking your website with your business’ social media is one of the most effective ways to grow your business, bringing more online exposure to your content. 

90% of the 1 billion accounts on Instagram follow a business, reports Instagram. Having a strong social media presence and link to your website will bump up your online traffic.

Can you revive old blogs?

Old blogs may seem like a graveyard, and although the goal is always to create evergreen content, old blogs can be revamped into something currently relevant to your audience. 

It is crucial to never forget about older blogs as soon as you publish them. You are never done optimising your blogs. Continuously promoting some of your slightly older content through internal linking also increases traffic to those pages.

Revamping old blogs takes up less time and fewer resources, while also extending the lifespan of your content. Updating an older blog allows you to benefit from the results immediately as opposed to new content taking a while to build and gain authority in SEO.

Though the goal is always to produce evergreen content, sometimes blogs can be outdated, irrelevant or incorrect. Removing these blogs may feel counter-productive at first but increases the reliability of your website as a whole.

Keeping up with optimising your blogs is an essential aspect of business blogging but can become tedious and time-consuming. Allowing professionals with experience and reliable results to manage your blog optimisation will allow you to focus on what you need to.

Call FX Web Studio 1300 090 401 the leading digital marketing experts in Norwest, to chat about your business blogging needs today.

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