The choice to invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) will have a big impact on your business and ensuring that you select the right SEO company is crucial to producing long-term results. There are several characteristics you need to look for in your future SEO provider. Here are some of the questions you need to ask.

Will there be an account manager I can contact easily?

Being able to contact your SEO company should not be made difficult. Ideally, you will be given a dedicated account manager who will be available to answer your questions and explain all the work they are doing in a way you can understand.

Will there be regular progress updates?

You don’t want to be left in the dark. Regular progress updates, whether they be in person or via email, should be provided so that you understand what changes are being made to boost your position in the search engine results pages.

Can you provide examples of the results you have achieved for clients in the past?

Make sure they have achieved the right kind of results for their clients in the past. Using approved methods that allow long-term ranking improvements are necessary as black hat techniques or poor content creation will get you penalised by Google.

Which industries are your other clients from?

The range of their portfolio will give you an idea of which markets they already understand and which industries they may be comfortable working for. If they work with other companies that are similar to your business, they need to explain how they plan to differentiate your SEO strategies to get the best results for each of you.

What sort of results can I expect if you’re my chosen SEO company?

Be wary of any unrealistic promises. Nobody can get guarantee a number one ranking. A good SEO company will explain that it is a long-term investment and when done correctly, results cannot be delivered overnight.

Do you have a payment guarantee?

If they are confident in their methods, an effective SEO provider will offer a payment guarantee. This means that if they don’t get results you don’t have to pay.

Remember that there are affordable and effective options available to make a difference in your website’s search engine rankings. At FX Web Studio, we provide packages that are both affordable and effeective! Call us on 1300 090 401 to book your obligation-free meeting today!

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