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Digital marketing predictions in 2020

Digital marketing predictions in 2020

Jan 13 2020

2020 has begun and we are now officially in a new year! And of course, with a new year comes new changes, and this year is certainly no different.

As online marketing continues to evolve, 2020 is sure to introduce and see new trends in digital marketing, making it crucial that your digital marketing strategy is current and up-to-date.

To stay in the know and to learn what to expect this upcoming year, we’ve listed what we predict to see in 2020.

Importance of website security

The first and most important factor for any digital marketing campaign is to ensure your website security is up to scratch. With hackers becoming more craftier than ever, 2020 is the year of security. Not only will this ensure your website is safe and trust-worthy, but it is pointless to put effort into a digital marketing campaign when it leads back to an unsecured or hacked website.

Secondly, by doing this, you will limit any deterrents from customers not trusting your website, such as a ‘not secure’ warning appearing to the user. This can be a huge factor in whether they proceed to enter your page or not, consequently impacting your sales.

And thirdly, your website’s security is an important factor in your overall SEO. By having a website that your visitors can trust and purchase from, the less they will bounce off it and the longer they will stay. This will in hand reduce your bounce-back rate and will improve your website’s relationship with Google.

To ensure you have a secure website, there are many things that you can do. Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate installed, limit the number of people who have admin access and choose strong passwords. Please note the most effective passwords are longer ones with a mix of numbers, characters and symbols.

Of course, there are many tactics that can be done that you may not be able to do yourself, and that is where we come in to support you. Ask us about our website security audits today to identify any vulnerabilities in your website.

Rise of voice search optimisation

Leading up to 2020, artificial intelligence has become even more important with the evolution of smartphones and tablets. From Google Home to Smart TVs, voice search is more prominent than ever before. With the assistance of Siri and Alexa, voice searches are now a part of everyday life – so it is highly important your website gets with the times!

When it comes to voice search, general searches are much more targeted compared to the written search format. Not only can it be longer and more precise due to the convenience of speech, but it is less abbreviated and further refined than the shorter text search terms.

By optimising your website to cater to voice search in your SEO, you will be ahead of your competitors by putting your business ahead of the game and by helping your website generate organic traffic. This includes utilising targeted phrases and questions one would generally use in voice search, bettering your chances of becoming a result of that voice search.

Website speed performance

Through the years, the introduction of wireless internet connections has generated a demand for quicker response timing. So, it is no surprise 2020 will bring a big emphasis on timing! From the amount of time a page takes to load to the time it takes for content to load on the screen, speed needs to be your friend more than ever.

As there are many competitors out there, a user won’t hesitate to jump to another site if they find your website is lagging. Your website mustn’t fall trap to slow loading as it can increase your bounce rates, deterring your SEO ranking. Whether it is taking too long to load or they find a video is buffering, you will want to ensure your website is one of the fastest this year.

A hot tip to avoid a slow website is to ensure you don’t overload it. Factors that may cause your website to overload include:

  • Scripts
  • Media
  • Special effects (hovers, animations)
  • Low-quality server

By overloading on any of the above, your website will take longer to load and in hand, will frustrate visitors. Load times don’t only apply to your homepage, it also applies for any landing page on your website.

This also goes for other devices. You will want to ensure your website is adaptable, optimised to quickly load on multiple formats that goes beyond the standard desktop, such as phones and tablets. With phones playing a large part in our everyday life, you’ll be only hurting yourself if your website isn’t properly formatted for multi-platforms!

Is your business ready to take on 2020? For improving your digital marketing strategy and overall SEO, FX Web Studio can help make this year your best yet! Helping your website attend to all the upcoming trends this new year may bring, our team can help guide you to success.

To prepare your business for any upcoming digital marketing trends, let us start you off with a free website audit to analyse any potential improvements we can make to get your well-equipped for these upcoming trends.

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